Tour Details & Policies

Is this tour for you?

Our tours are strongly focused toward birds, and our tour itineraries are primarily centered on birding.  Participants typically have at least some experience watching birds, have binoculars and know how to use them.  Our clients vary from beginners simply wishing to see birds in New England and learn identification skills, to well-seasoned listers hoping to add a few species to their life list.  Having said that, our itineraries are also designed to visit places for their scenic value, and to provide time to take in the sights of New England and indulge in some shopping and delicious food.  If you have never watched birds before, contact us for information about how you can prepare for one of our tours.  If you have any questions about weather one of our tours is appropriate for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Pace of Tour

Our tours take a moderate pace, balancing the pursuit of as many bird species as possible with the need for rest and to take things slow.  Some days are more action-packed than others, and we build in time on some days for rest and relaxation.  We also listen to your needs during the tour, and allow time for rest when needed. Evening and dusk outings are usually optional, as are many afternoon outings once we have checked into our lodging.  Birdwatching does involve odd hours and some amount of physical activity.  Tours require gentle walking, sometimes on uneven terrain and occasionally uphill or off-trail.  Because dawn in New England comes early during the spring and summer months, we typically depart from our lodging early, and breakfast is often quick or “grab & go”, or sometimes after an early morning bird walk.  Lunches are sometimes picnics or quick stops, and at other times are sit-down and more slow-paced.  We typically compile a bird list for the day before or after dinner.  Participants are free to engage in any personal activities that do not conflict with the operation of the tour.


Included in the Tour Price

The tour fee includes double occupancy accommodations for all nights listed in the itinerary, all meals during tour unless otherwise noted, all ground and boat transportation during the tour, transportation to and from airports at beginning and ending destinations and dates, guide services of tour leader(s), and gratuities for meals and hotels.  Gratuities for tour leader(s) are at your discretion.  The tour fee does not include airfare/airline charges or other transportation costs to starting and ending destinations, airport taxes, passports, visas, alcoholic beverages, phone calls, laundry, room service, personal excursions, personal snacks, items of personal nature, or tipping for your tour leader(s).  If you require single occupancy accommodations, you will be charged the single occupancy supplement (see below).  Please contact us if you have any further questions about inclusions/exclusions of the tour price.


Single Occupancy Supplement

Tour prices are based on double occupancy accommodations.  If you prefer single accommodations, you will be charged the single occupancy supplement.  If you do not have a roommate and are willing to share accommodations, we will attempt to pair you with another member of the tour.  However, if we are unable to provide you with a roommate, you will be required to pay the single occupancy supplement.


Tour Registration and Payment

You can register for one of our tours either online, by phone, or by mail.  To register online, complete the secure online registration form and release of liability form, and make payment through our secure checkout.  To register by mail, print our reservation and liability release forms, fill out, and send by mail or a scanned version by email (see contact info for addresses).  To register by phone, contact our office at 603-313-7016.  An initial deposit of $300 per person is due at the time of registration, $150 of which is non-refundable.  Payment of deposit is accepted by either debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), check, money order, or bank transfer.  Reservations with deposits and both completed forms are confirmed in order of their receipt. 

You will receive an invoice for the final tour payment, and the final balance is due at receipt of the invoice.  You also have the option to make the full tour payment at the time of registration.  Reservations made within 70 days of the tour start date are required to pay the full tour payment at the time of registration.  Final payments are accepted by either debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), check, money order, or bank transfer.  Because travel insurance and airfare are typically non-refundable, we advise you to not finalize these purchases until you have made final tour payments and received tour confirmation.  Please contact us if you have any further questions about registration and payment.    

For online registrations, a signed release of liability form must be submitted at the beginning of the tour for tour participation.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refunds are provided according to the following schedule.  Cancellations made up to 120 days prior to the tour start date will be refunded any tour payments, and the deposit (less the non-refundable amount of $150).  Cancellations made between 120 and 70 days prior to the tour start date, will be refunded any tour payments, but the deposit is non-refundable.  For cancellations made less than 70 days prior to the tour start date, all deposits and payments are non-refundable.


Tour Materials

Prior to tour departures, registrants will receive a prospective bird species list, final tour information, a participant list, and any other additional materials.  After the tour, participants will receive a final tour report and bird species list.


Air Travel Arrangements

We would be happy to assist you in making any air travel arrangements.


Health Restrictions

Our tours involve light to moderate walking, and participants are expected to be able to complete gentle walks.  Please consult us if you have any health concerns or physical limitations that may affect your participation in tour activities.


Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance  (including medical emergency insurance). Because we cannot offer refunds for cancellations made within 70 days of the tour (see cancellation policy).  This insurance will protect you in case of illness to you or a family member prior to the tour. Insurance policies may also protect you if you become ill or injured during the tour and need to return home.  Insurance providers differ in the timeframe by which you need to purchase the insurance.  A good time to purchase the insurance is when you pay the final tour balance.  Some policies cover cancellation due to other reasons such as work-related cancellations, and medical coverage can also be added.  Be sure to discuss these options with your insurance provider.  Foreign travelers should also consult your medical insurance company prior to the tour to determine medical coverage in the United States.  If you are not already covered for foreign travel, we strongly recommend purchasing emergency medical insurance.



New England Bird Tours, LLC makes every attempt to insure the safety of our clients.  We frequently travel to remote locations far from medical service, and outside of the range of cellular service.  We sometimes walk on uneven terrain, through forest and wetlands, and within unpredictable natural environments.  We expect that our clients are aware of the potential risks involved with traveling and birdwatching, and to be mindful of their own safety.  We cannot guarantee the safety of anyone.  New England Bird Tours, LLC and/or its agents act only as agents in regard to travel, and assume no liability for injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or for any reason whatsoever, or through the acts or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour.  We provide this tour experience only if you accept your personal responsibilities and you release us from liability for your safety by entering into the release of liability agreement.  New England Bird Tours, LLC accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, or other causes. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger, as tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated.  The right is reserved to substitute hotels of similar category for those indicated and to make any changes in the itinerary where deemed necessary or caused by changes in air schedules. The right is reserved to cancel any tour prior to departure, in which case full refund will constitute full settlement to the passenger. The right is reserved to substitute leaders on any tour. Where this is necessary, notification will be given to tour members. No refund will be made for any unused portion of the tour unless arrangements are made in sufficient time to avoid penalties. The right is reserved to decline to accept or to retain any person as a member of any tour.  Baggage is at owner's risk entirely.


Common Murre  -   Keenan Yakola

Common Murre  -  Keenan Yakola